How to Create Your Own Pet Trust

Ever wonder what happens a pet after their owner dies? Learn how to create a pet trust or care plan through, it could save your pet’s life!

There’s a widespread problem escalating across the country. It’s a heartbreaking and unintentional scenario that is occurring daily in every state, city, even in rural area. This widespread situation, often turns into a silent killer.

Once loved pets are now homeless with no plan for re-homing!.It was reported approximately 2,626,418 people die annually. An estimated 1.7 million people enter nursing home care annually. Gallup Polls Research has reported that that 73% of the population has a pet. That’s potentially 3,158,285 pets, whose pet parents have either died or entered a nursing home facility and have perchance become homeless.

At our family funeral and cremation memorial center and pet loss facility (Clock Family Services), re-homing pets have become an increasing topic of conversation among adult children whose parents have recently died. It’s a common occurrence for a family member to call or stop in asking for solution to re-home their parent’s dog, cat, or bird (often there are multiple pets in the home).

If we don’t provide a recommendation the feedback we hear ranges from: having them euthanized, taking them to a shelter (many are kill-shelters), or even worse, leave them behind in the empty home for someone else to hopefully find and deal with or simply open the door and release them out in the open.

Why? There are numerous reasons, but at the end of the day it doesn’t resolve the issue. What will begin to solve this serious matter is to become pro-active as a family and have a conversation. This topic should become a part of one’s normal estate planning.

As a pet parent, it’s our responsibility to ensure that when our life ends that there is a plan in place to care for the loyal companions who gave us unconditional love, not to mention company. One can’t assume that our children, relatives, friends, or neighbors will care for our pets.

If we are fortunate enough to know that someone will care for our pets, we should recognize the fact that our pet will have a loving home, but that comes with an expense. There are annual vet clinic wellness check-ups, vaccinations, pet sitters, grooming, food and even their end of life expenses. As pets age their health may become compromised and could require special diets or medications. When their quality of life ends and they die either naturally or from a kind euthanasia, there will be a cost for pet cremation or burial.

When there are no friends or relatives who are willing to provide a loving home for your pet, in order to ensure your pet does not go to a kill shelter and is re-homed properly, this comes with a cost. Regardless if your pet is taken to a breed specific rescue, foster home, or shelter there are costs associated with their interim care. One of those costs are advertising and interviewing potential pet families to see if their home is a good fit, not to mention the same maintenance costs that were mentioned above.

The more financial resources you can allocate for your pet’s needs, the better chance of guaranteeing their lifestyle remains minimally disrupted until they are re-homed. By doing this simple act of incorporating a pet plan in to your personal planning, you will have gained the peace of mind in knowing your pet will receive compassionate care and your family will benefit from not having the guilt, stress, or anxiety a that comes with finding a humane solution.

For all the reasons above, Clock Timeless Pets is proud to announce our affiliation and endorsement of PetWill. With PetWill, pet parents can:

• Safeguard pets from being abandoned, sold, or put down.

• Place (and update) your pet’s care instructions for each pet in their “Online Profile.”

• Ensure your pet’s safety as a beloved family member with a lifetime of care.

The PetWill Pet Trust document is an inexpensive stand-alone trust designed to be valid in all 50 states. When you have a PetWill, your pets may be protected as soon as possible via the agreed upon guardians. You may list up to three guardians for each of your pets in your PetWill.

If you are not ready to start a pet care plan financially, please consider starting a non-funded pet plan. At minimum, by doing this, it’s considered an informal plan and lets your loved one’s know your intentions for your pets after your death. To start this, please download our free “Pet Parents Guide to Planning Ahead”. When this is completed, please place it with your important documents or consider making copies and give them to your family or even your vet clinic.

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