Pet Burial Assistance

A permanent resting place

Some people prefer to bury their pet. Please know that Clock Timeless Pets does NOT have a cemetery, nor or we affiliated with one.  In Muskegon and Ottawa Counties, your options are limited for a casketed pet burial unless you live on a farm or have property. If you want to bury in your backyard you may want to check with your local ordinances.


Burial Assistance package includes:

  • The casketing of your pet, enabling you to view and say your final farewell at our facility.
  • A clay and digital paw print of your pet is made, along with a fur clipping for a permanent keepsake.
  • Cold Storage of your pet if a casket must be ordered until your pet is casketed.


Cost of plan $125.00 (This does not include the casket, however we can assist you in ordering one, they vary by type and size).


Unconditional care for the loss of your pet. We are Clock's Timeless Pets.