Cremation Plans

What You Should Know About Our Pet Cremation Process

Thank you for looking into our pet cremation options. What makes Clock Timeless Pets different than any other pet loss center or cremation provider along Western Michigan’s lake-shore, is that we believe pets deserve the same dignity and respect as humans do at their time of death. We only offer private cremations, even if you chose not to have your pet returned to you. The true definition of a private cremation is one pet in the cremation chamber at a time. Anything else is a polite way of saying communal.

In Michigan, there are no rules or standards for the handling of a deceased pet, hard to believe right? For this reason our care team has implemented self imposed standards and guidelines that mirror the ethics and dignity of caring for humans.  We also follow the guidelines from the PLPA (Pet Loss Professional Association), of which we are a charter remember.

Jodi M. Clock, a Certified Pet Loss Professional (CPLP), and is also certified in Pet Loss and Grief Companioning. We have a monthly support called Paw2Remember, which is held the third Monday of every week on the 3rd floor of Harbor Hospice, 1050 W Western Ave # 400, Muskegon, MI 49441.



A private pet cremation is defined as 1 pet in the pet cremation chamber until the process is completed. Anything else is NOT considered private! There are two private pet cremation choices to select from:

Private Cremation

Your pet is privately cremated and returned to you with their:

  • Clay paw print
  • Digital paw print stored in the cloud
  • Fur clippings and their remains are placed in a memory box.

Memorial Cremation

Your pet is privately cremated and is NOT returned. Your pet’s cremated remains will be scattered and honored during the week of National Pet Memorial Day. If you would like a custom paw print, digital paw print and fur clippings this can be purchased for an additional price.

Cost for both of options is based on weight of pet.

Weight Private Memorial
Under 2 Pounds $75 $75
2-50 Pounds $175 $150
51-100 Pounds $225 $200
Over 100 Pounds $275 $250

After business hours, if your pet dies and you do not want to wait until the next business day, you can call us at (231) 722-3721. Our service will take your call and contact the Director on call to return your call. The call will be returned within the hour. At that time, you can schedule a time to meet the Director at our facility for you to bring your pet to our care. Please know that our Directors are also home with their families and it will take them a few minutes to reach our facility.

For this service, there is an additional after hours fee above and beyond the cremation fee.

After 6:00pm and before 9:00pm $75.00
After 9:00pm and before 9:00am $125.00
Sundays & Holidays $200.00

If you want a team member to make an in home after hours removal, there is an additional fee above and beyond the cremation fee.

After 6:00pm and before 9:00pm $100.00
After 9:00pm and before 9:00am $150.00
Sundays & Holidays $225.00

Note: Unless it’s an emergency or a very large animal, most pet parents are comfortable with waiting until the next business day. Our care team will gladly guide you on how to care for you pet in the interim. Please also watch our video to learn more about this.

Unconditional care for the loss of your pet. We are Clock's Timeless Pets.