Giffy Bundt
March 29, 2017

Giffy Bundt came into our family's lives on December 5th, 1999. I still remember that day, thinking that I was going with my mom to find my dad a Christmas present. I was so upset with her at the time, but later found out I was going to meet my best friend. I remember seeing Giffy, away from her sisters and brothers looking so shy. I knew she was the one I wanted to share my life with. She had the most beautiful gray fur and stunning green eyes. My mom said she was the one for me. We named her Giffy, because of my lack of proper english at the time. "Giff" meaning "Gift". She was the greatest Christmas gift I have ever and will ever receive.

I'll never forget her love and compassion. She was always there for my family and I. When my mom was battling cancer shortly after we got Giffy, Giffy was there for her helping her smile and feel loved. Giffy helped me deal with a lot of things in my life, like losing my mother to cancer or starting my career as a teacher. Her unconditional love helped me cope with the hardest times I've ever faced. I wouldn't have gotten through them without her.

Giffy had a personality, but that's what made her so special to my family and I. Whether it was pounding on the door at 5 am to make my dad get up and get her food, or playing on top of the humidifier, she was so much fun and that playfulness is why I loved her so much. She loved her Christmas tree and at times never wanted to get out of it! She enjoyed watching the birds and squirrels out in the yard and she loved to lay in the sunshine and just relax. I'll never forget Giffy's 'meow' because it never was actually a 'meow'; more like a yelping sound, but that's what made Giffy so unique.

I know now Giffy you are up there in heaven with my mom resting on her lap. You are such a special friend to me and I love you so much. You will always be with our family sweet little Giffy. We love you.

Jordan, Craig, Mary Jo, and Leah Jo Bundt


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Giffy Bundt

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Giffy Bundt

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