Our “Why”

Meet Max

In Max’s honor, Jodi Clock started Clock Timeless Pets.



Max spent his “puppyhood” in Kalamazoo.  When his mom Jodi went through a divorce and remarried, he and his human brother Brett moved to Muskegon to be with his new dad Dale Clock and sister Kellie Clock.  When Brett left home to attend college, Max got a little bored. He loved to nose around the house and get into the cupboards, looking for Twinkies, ramen noodles or gummie worms. After enough mischief, his mom decided it was time for Max to find a new hobby. He had been such a comfort for her when she went through a difficult divorce, Jodi thought Max could help others, too. As it turns out, she was right.

Max entered the Therapy Dogs International training program, and then went to work in the family business, Clock Funeral Homes. Over the next 2 ½ years, Max helped countless families deal with the grief and the loss of a loved one. Not surprisingly, Max made a wonderful therapy dog, and loved going to “work” every day. He became quite well known throughout the community, as well, as his good deeds touched increasingly people. Many people even specifically requested his services, having heard how much he helped others in their times of need.

Sadly, Max began to slow down. It was discovered that his right kidney had been completely taken over by a cancerous tumor, and his left kidney was in renal failure. He was unable to go potty and everything was shutting down. To look at him he looked great, and he had the same great attitude. But it became clear to Jodi and Dale that it was his time.  They decided to let him eat all his favorite foods he has been banned from. His last meal was a feast of turkey, Twinkies, and ice cream!  The next day, on a sunny Saturday morning in May of 2006, they put his therapy saddle on one last time and took him to work, where he was always happiest. He rallied, and said goodbye to everyone there.

After Max was euthanized Dale and Jodi brought Max home so the other four-legged kids could smell and say goodbye. They then drove to a crematory, in Kalamazoo, MI to complete his journey. Jodi chose the crematory in Kalamazoo because it was transparent and would only do private pet cremations.  Muskegon did not have such a facility.  For this reason, in Max’s honor, she started Clock Timeless Pets. Since then she never looked back and continues to share Max’s legacy.

Unconditional care for the loss of your pet. We are Clock's Timeless Pets.